Farrah Albertie – Senior User Interface Designer | Currently seeking remote job opportunities

About Farrah

Farrah A Gallery
Farrah A Gallery
Farrah A Gallery

I am a Senior User Experience Designer with over 25 years of experience in user experience design. 

I excel in user interface design, visual design, sketching, wire-framing, and prototyping.

I love crafting easy to use solutions. I specialize in making the complex simple. By empathetically incorporating both user needs and business goals, I strategically solve complex design problems.

In my next role, I am seeking a full-time, permanently remote position with an established mid to large size finance, e-commerce, healthcare, non-profit. I enjoy working in collaborative teams in which the responsibilities are distributed amongst team members.

I would like to continue to work in a role that allows me to use my visual and user interface design skills to maximize the usability and overall user experience of websites and web applications. ​

Areas of Focus

User Experience Design

User Interface Design


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